Vegetable with couscous | Healthy Vegan Recipe

Today we are delighted to share with you our favourite midweek supper.

So first thing we do, we prepare the vegetables. For this recipe we used whatever vegetables we had in the fridge. This recipe helps me use all the extra vegetables we had from last week. I recommend you to use your favourite vegetables. I like to keep the vegetables little bit bigger and chop length wise, just because I will cook them longer and I don’t want them to go mushy. After chopping everything put them aside. Get your garlic ginger paste ready.

Now on a cooking pot add vegetable oil. Cook the onions for just a couple of minutes, then add the ginger garlic paste we made earlier. Add Stock cubes, bay leaf and cook them until soft, In the meantime, stock cube will melt in Now I’m adding some turmeric powder, cardamom and cloves, paprika, black pepper, some cinnamon powder, and a little bit of brown sugar.

At his stage, I’m cooking until they are nicely blended. I always prefer to use some water to make sure the spices don’t get burnet that causes a slightly bitter taste. I am adding some salt now and I will balancing it at the end of my cooking if needed Add chillies only if you want to give extra heat.  After cooking the spices now I add the vegetables. And mix everything slowly so all the vegetables get mixed with the spices. I am adding water according to how much gravy you want. Now is time to put on the lid and cook for 8 to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I will add some coriander and it will be ready to serve. It is a simple yet tasty recipe perfect with couscous or rice. But I usually use couscous with this recipe. Now to make couscous I have the easy cooking couscous from the supermarket, they are very handy when you want to get things done quickly. Simply adding some seasoning hot water olive oil then mix and cover with a clean film. After 10 min mixes it well and any extra salt and oil if needed. Now I give it a nice shape using this plastic container and serve my delicious vegan-friendly vegetable curry. Once you make this recipe you won’t feel the need of meet Again. So I really hope you try this for yourself and let us know if you enjoyed it

Thank you for visiting our website, make sure to check the video for the recipe where everything is been demonstrated and see you again in the next time.

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