Can A Two Years Old Toddler Cook !! [New Video]

We believe that the one thing every little chef should learn how to make their own breakfast.

#Scrambledeggs are the perfect first breakfast dish for #kids to learn how to make on their own.
#LittleAmina is just two years old, and it’s her first attempt to make any kind of food. She is one of the best two years old chef so far. So let’s see how this baby chef does. Whatever she does it’s amazing for a two-year-old. Even messy play is good and healthy for their mind. We should allow kids to do things but with safety.

These real-life skills type of #messyplay is better than just playing with #playdow. We really encourage you to involve your kids in cooking or any real activity so they build confidence and learn real-life skills.

Tell us what you think.. what are some other great #breakfastdishes kids can make on their own?

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