Spicy Ratatouille [ Recipe with video ]

This Mediterranean-style vegetable stew is perfect for a super-healthy midweek supper. A great ratatouille is one in which the vegetables interact with each other, but are still discernible from each other.

We all like the combination of Mediterranean vegetables, and when it’s cooked using Indian spices nothing can go wrong.


1/2Butternut squash
2 aubergine
1 red paper
2 courgette
2 potatoes
2 tomatoes
1 onions
4 garlic
20gm ginger
80gm coriander seeds
2 chillies [for #SpicyRatatouille ]
2tsp curry powder
Salt to taste

Please Check out the video to see how exactly we did it.

And do not forget to let us know if you enjoyed it! I hope it was useful, and thanks for watching. See you next time!


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