One of my favourite restaurants- The Eastern Restaurant

Last week I went to visit one of our local restaurants in Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. this is my first #RestaurantRreview and starting a new series ”One of my favourite restaurants”, which will bring new videos of restaurant review every episode. so if you have a restaurant in mind just the drop the name and address below and we will try our best to review (Birmingham for the series 1 )

THE EASTERN RESTAURANT Serving # ChineseCouisine #ThaiCouisine #MalayisanCouisine and #JapaneseCuisine which I found very delicious and well garnished. At first, I thought It may not be able to keep the consistency with flavour for such variety of selection but the chefs really amazed me ”well done!”

Foods I tried:
•Japanese prawn tempura
•Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

Details about the restaurant are on the website:

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