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Chai Tea Latte, better than Starbucks!!

How to make #ChaiTea Latte better than Starbucks, an awesome #recipevideo to watch and learn the secrete of making best #Masalatea. There are many different places I have tried this #tea but a proper but its never been as good as homemade. So I really recommend you to try and share at your next tea party.

Black tea 3-4 tea bags or 2tbsp #loosetea.
1 cinnamon sticks
2 cardamom pods
2 cloves
2-3 peppercorns
1 star anise
2cm piece ginger
250ml Milk
250ml Water
Sugar/Honey as per taste

Toast the spices in a dry frying pan until they are fragrant then pour the water in and bring to boil, Once the water started to boil add ginger, black tea.

On a medium heat let it simmer for few minutes and you will have a dark tea espresso ready. at this stage add milk and bring to boil again.

Strain the tea and serve it with your favorite biscuits.

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Thank you.

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