Avocadoes are more popular than ever. And confusion about the quality and price is also driving me crazy. Now a day you can find avocado in every major superstore and it seems like they are also keen on taking advantage of the popularity and make more money. so they give you a crazy amount of choice to confuse you, then you end up buying the most expensive one, thinking expencive means its better. there is a saying ”you get what you pay for, but not all the time. so we really need to see what is actually good for us.

What I really found Most of the avocadoes were almost same, salad avocadoes were crunchy and delicious, ripe avocadoes were full of texture and flavour. The avocado size is not something you should look for. Neither the expensive one makes it better by default, its the stem makes all difference if the stem is missing don’t buy as its most probably ripe unevenly. avocadoes should be riped with the stem on as it ripes slowly and evenly.

When avocados are bigger the price is 2 times more per kg. organic ones were not much different in terms of flavour or texture, but its a whole new argument whether to buy it or not. buying bulk makes a big difference in price. pack of 4 is better than a pack of 2 of single avocado.

I hope this was informational for you, I would share some avocado recipes in the future so feel free to subscribe to your youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/welovefoods or website: http://www.welovefoods.co.uk

If this is my opinion not everyone has to agree with me, after all, every individual has their own palet and own preference.


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