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Authentic hilsha fish recipe

This recipe is one of the most authentic recipes which most Bangladeshi would cook at there home. The recipe was passed on from generations and my mother is one of them to show it in this video hope you like it.

This hilsha/elih fish recipe is also very easy to do as it doesn’t require too many ingredients.


Hilsha/Elish fish 10-12 pcs

2 big onions

50 ml Oil

1.5 tbs cumin powder

1tbs turmeric powder

1tbs cumin powder

1 tsp chilli powder

salt to taste

2 cups of water

Cooking method: Fry the onion, then add little water to stop overcooking. then add all the spices an cook a bit. then add the fish and add water. seemer for sometimes and it will be ready to serve with hot rice.

Hope you liked my mother’s recipe and if you do please feel free to leave a thumbs up and let us know if you want more of my mother’s authentic Bangladeshi recipe.

Thank you.

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