World Vegetarian Day – OCTOBER 1 🥦🍒🍅🍇🍊🥑

World Vegetarian Day

Did you know, approximately 11% of the worldโ€™s population is vegetarian. On Oct. 1, we celebrate the benefits of being a vegetarian and admit that the meatless lifestyle can actually be awesomely delicious. So get out the carrot sticks, tofu, cheese pizza, veggie burgers, and other meat-free delights, because itโ€™s today is the World Vegetarian Day.

How can we calibrate!!

1. Share the veggie wealth

Even if you’re not a vegetarian, become one for a day. Bring some vegetarian food to share with your office or school mates. Don’t want to put in any extra effort? Buy a ready-made veggie tray. Everybody loves veggie traysโ€”even the most avid meat eaters.

2. Try the meatless option at a restaurant

Are you the type of person who skips over the vegetarian section of the menu without so much as a cursory glance? Today, take the opportunity to explore the veggie offerings, and opt for a meatless meal. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be more delicious than that steak.

3. Shop at a farmer’s market

Some of the freshest and most delicious vegetables and fruits can be found at your local farmer’s market. With fall in the air, you’re sure to find a diverse offering of meatless foods to appeal to any taste or mood (including pumpkin!).

4. Share vegetarian recipes

here I give some of our vegan recipe videos.

So let us know how are you going to celibate World Vegetarian Day 2018?