Tom Kha and Harry

The Modern Husband

I bought a bird feeder from the hardware superstore the other day. Along with a new huge barbecue and quite a few other things you’re allowed when you graduate from Dad school.

Except it seems to be badly calibrated. In this part of South east London it seems the only birds it attracts are squirrels. And three very shifty looking pigeons. And while I may proudly wear a ‘For the many’ lapel badge on my jacket, in this situation I am taking a hardline stance on scroungers and layabout animals wanting something for nothing. I threw a tennis ball in their general direction earlier and they retreated to a safe distance, eyeing me with beady contempt.

But while the level of seeds and nuts dimishes quicker than my enthusiasm for the new season’s hot weather after two days of sneezing my face off, my excitement at the garden grows daily…

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