Macaroons: Martha Stewart vs Anna Olson

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Macaroons Martha Stewart v Anna Olson

One of the greatest confusions of the world is the difference between macarons and macaroons. I feel it is my duty to spread goodwill and educate the masses on the crucial difference between the two types of cookies. My aim is to save anyone from using the wrong hashtag and looking oh so foolish to us cookie aficionados in the know.

A macaron, pronounced “Maa-kaa-roe,” is an elegant French cookie usually in a pastel colour made from whipped egg whites and almond flour and sandwiched between a layer of cream, chocolate, or fruit preserves. They are all over Instagram and exude classiness and sophistication. They are not as hard to make as you think and I have a fool proof recipe foreasy French Macaronsas well as a bunch of flavour variations if you scroll to the links at the bottom of myFool Proof Chocolate Macaronsrecipe…

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