Food lovers – Porridge


Miss Vawd

Hey once again! Second blog post and this time it’s about one of my staples – Porridge. That might sound a little weird or like I’m trying to fit in with the new wave of porridge lovers out there, but this is pretty much my everyday breakfast. Porridge seems to be everywhere now, in pop ups, hipster cafe’s, health food stores, fancy magazines, but it is so much simpler than that.

I tend to make my morning porridge with a couple tablespoons of oats – maybe 3 to 5 – and half water half milk. Then I top it with whichever fruits I can get my hands on – usually the cheap frozen stuff as a student budgets don’t stretch that far! It usually takes about 10 minutes to cook and assemble – and usually less time to eat.

It is a very cheap nutritious breakfast and has way…

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