Squid Ink and crab pasta with tomato salsa

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Sometimes I want something quick and easy. Pasta is perfect go to food and this week when I was making pasta for the market I made extra for dinner.

I had friends coming for dinner and didn’t have a starter, or time to prep. This is a super quick recipe and it hit the spot. I had a whole, cooked crab but you can use a dressed crab if you don’t want to pick the meat, or even tinned meat. I used both the brown and the white meat of the crab.

fresh crab

The greenhouse is full of chillies and tomatoes. They grown in an abundance and I picked some tomatoes to go with the crab. I had yellow, red and black tomatoes that I picked for a salsa.

Squid Ink & Crab Pasta with a Tomato and Mangetout salsa

preparation time 10 minutes

cooking time 1-2 minutes

serves 6 as…

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