[Ramadan special] Marakesh salad, a healthy start for the month..

#Marrakesh/#Marrakech style salad


One of the healthiest salad you can eat any time you want, It is full of nutrients. If you are fasting then it can be one of the best options after breaking fast with dates/water. It’s a recipe we have moderated and we recommend you to choose ingredients which you really like. You can also use left over roasted vegetables, leftover roasted chicken. This salad can be a way to reuse leftover items.

Although I have included the ingredients but I haven’t mention the amount of how much of each vegetables you will need to add so you can use your creativity and preference of vegetables you like.


For the Salad-

Blanched kale

Cooked Quinoa

Roasted sweet potato

Roasted cauliflower

Roasted carrot

Roasted red pepper



For the dressing-

Curry oil 50ml

Yogurt 1.5 tbsp

Lemon juice 1/2 lemon squeezed

Salt and pepper 10gm

Hope you like the salad recipe and this is to encourage you to make similar recipe or the same one we have shared in this video. In future we will make more recipes and they will be as exciting or more exciting than this one. You can also visit our other social media. And our website where we share written recipes with a lot more details thank you again and you have a good day. bye-bye..


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